Triage Communications provides disaster recovery communication networks for natural disasters or man-made disasters including power plant failures. It is clear to most information technology professionals that disasters will continue to occur throughout the world. However,  it is never too late to prepare contingency plans for alternative, minimal telecommunications infrastructure that are deployable to areas in need. 

We recommend assembling a fleet of deployable wireless communication networks to ensure that basic communications exist for the chain-of-command during disaster recovery efforts. Self-contained, closed-loop wireless communication networks for entire regions can include up to one hundred thousand phones. They can also be equipped with a combination of modems, fire alarms, and security alarms that are designed for 911 emergency services, public utilities, financial institutions, and companies that need a communications insurance strategy.

We are able to configure our emergency communications wireless network equipment with backup dual-fuel source generators, photo-cell panels, and deep-cycle battery cells. As a result, our networks can operate independently, regardless of power grid failures, phone switching equipment failures, or satellite disruptions. Our wireless networks operate as independent local-loop systems, but may be able to extend to areas that are capable of providing wire line connections that still may have access to the global network.