Network Products

     Triage Communications provides deployable emergency communications wireless network products for emergency services such as FEMA and Red Cross, police, fire units, backup wireless networks for hospitals, banks and financial institutions. Our emergency communications wireless networks and strategies are designed to link businesses and private citizens to emergency services, public utilities, and government agencies, to maintain an operational chain-of-command.


    Emergency services will include strategic planning and disaster preparedness communications training for the maintenance and use of our emergency communications equipment. Our teams of wireless engineers and emergency services technicians can be dispatched to disaster locations where our network deployments are required. Our disaster preparedness training teams will train your personnel for strategic emergency communications and will be available at all times to assist in providing wireless network solutions.

    For certain applications, we suggest private access to emergency wireless networks via a prepaid subscription for each emergency communications device. These fees could be based on subscribing to a emergency wireless communications capability. Blocks of airtime usage for commercial subscribers will be determined after reviewing the radio frequency survey and contingency plans for the area of deployment. 

    During an emergency situation, additional blocks of 911 emergency wireless airtime usage might be available for corporate customers, if enhanced wireless emergency network equipment is deployed. This could even include backup emergency  wireless payphones or wireless modems for public use. These backup emergency wireless networks can interface with conventional systems and  subscribers could be billed at a rate to be determined, in part by area service providers, or system operators.

    Our products include Y2K compliant communications in all of our emergency communications networks. Network components include self-contained wireless base stations, local loop portable cell sites, antennas, dual fuel source generators, battery packs, wireless phones, two way radios, wireless modems, wireless alarms, including fire alarms and security alarms. During a power grid failure, our communications networks are capable of operating on their own power sources for weeks, or months, depending upon customer specifications. We can also customize security-related deployments that provide pagers and wireless telemetry devices.