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Mark A. Frautschi, "Embedded Systems and the Year 2000 Problem (The OTHER Year 2000 Problem)" (Draft), JULY 1, 1998 & "Embedded Systems Part II" - March 27, 1999

Paula D. Gordon, Ph.D. A Working White Paper Part I: Defining Y2K and Taking Action to Address the Problem Part II: Embedded Systems & Part III & IV --Call for Year 2000 Special Action Office 

Contingency Planning Communications Concepts -Terry Spurgeon

Disaster Preparedness Communications articles & books

Ramu Potarazu-- INTELSAT Article

GAO Year 2000 Telecommunications:

Gartner Report 2Q99 - Final Countdown    August 16, 1999

Harland Smith - Synergistic Mitigation and Contingency Preparation

Ed Yardeni - Year 2000 Book One

Ed Yardeni - Year 2000 Book Two

Gary Beach, Publisher, CIO Magazine Telecommunications Article

Navy report as released by the White House - August 1999

SEC 10-Q Request Form for public Y2K Disclosures

State Year 2000 Sites

California White Paper on Y2K

Rick Cowles Assessment on NERC report - 9/23/98

Cassandra Project: Why Y2K is a Threat to Public Safety


Alan Simpson: Contingency Planning

Full Senate Subcommittee report on Y2K

Ed Yourdon's Essay on Y2K -- 

International Telecom - President's Council on Year 2000

Short Wave Radio Networking

Solar Flare website

Ken Holder's website - Radio technology

Shortwave monitoring info


Crisis Communications: A Handbook for Emergency and Survival Radio monitoring
by Mark W. Johnson

Published by Tiare Publications, 1990

Emergency Radio!: Scanning the News as It Happens
by Norn Schrein, Norm Schrein

Paperback, 214 pages
Published by Index Publishing Group, 1995

Now You're Talking!: All You Need to Get Your Ham Radio Technician License
by Larry D. Wolfgang and Joel Kleinman

Published by American Radio Relay League, 1997

You no longer need Morse code to get your ham license, although you should probably try to learn it, since it can come in handy.

Shortwave Listening Guidebook: The Complete Guide to Hearing the World
by Harry L. Helms, Harry Helms

Published by Hightext Publications, 1993

Monitor America: The National Communications Guide
by Richard Barnett, William Cobb, and Edward Soomre

Published by Scanner Master Books, 1995