Radio Frequency Surveys

Triage Communications offers radio frequency (RF) deployment planning, including comprehensive surveys of potential disaster areas considered for self-contained local loop emergency communications wireless network deployment. This is a critical aspect of contingency planning for all potential users in areas that anticipate the need for emergency communications equipment during disasters, or those requiring backup wireless networks for any number of commercial reasons.

Key Benefits


Radio Frequency surveying requires our communications team to research an entire region for potential emergency deployment of our communications network equipment. We collect the most accurate information possible regarding areas for potential coverage. These fact-finding missions are critical in developing the best potential disaster scenarios during power grid failures, or telephone equipment failures. Topography, climate considerations, fuel availability, and security are important factors during this stage of emergency communications planning. This must be accomplished in advance of an emergency deployment.

Radio Frequency Surveys

Radio Frequency experts will coordinate emergency communications wireless network deployment strategies with government authorities to establish a chain of command until completion of the plan is accomplished. Exact locations of emergency communications wireless network equipment deployment must be planned in advance to reduce confusion of  technical support and security personnel during emergencies.

Equipment Capabilities

Emergency communications equipment experts from Triage Communications will train local disaster preparedness personnel to operate emergency communications wireless network equipment and provide the communications technical support needed until the emergency situation stabilizes. Our self contained closed-loop emergency communications wireless networks come equipped with backup dual-fuel source generators, fuel tanks, backup batteries, and solar cell panels to perform extended operations during power grid failures or fuel supply problems. Our emergency wireless phones, modems, alarms, and two way radios are equipped with photo-cell mini-panels and extended backup batteries to assure emergency communications, regardless of power grid failures or other y2k communications breakdown. Configurations are also supplied with telemetry devices within our systems, including security sensors and wireless fire alarms.      

Coordination of Effort

Our disaster preparedness personnel will negotiate with appropriate authorities and wireless carriers to reduce the complication of procuring required licensing. Consulting arrangements and security assessments of wireless alarm systems are also available.

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